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Sgro Brothers

CONGRATULATIONS to the Sgro Brothers for their induction into the

Lou Holtz Hall of Fame in 2006 !!!

Tony & Dominic Sgro...for your entertainment pleasure

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Tony and Dominic Sgro have seen a lot and played a lot and lived a lot of music in their years of performing. From the early years, after falling in love with the harmonica, they perfected their craft, they practiced their art and they wrote and recorded music that has filled homes and clubs across the country. With this website, we'd like to introduce you to Dom and Tony, the Sgro Brothers. We want to help you know and appreciated them and their music and the contributions they have made to the world. "They have played worldwide, ranging from spots such as the Moulin Rouge, in Hollywood, to the Palladium, in London, and have played with the biggest names in show business, including Dean Martin, Perry Como, and Frank Sinatra."

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